Workshop with internationally known, Melanie Hallett

Time: 9-11 November
Place: Yogaroom 
Rev Melanie Hallett (formerly Polley), MNFSH
Melanie comes from a family of Psychics and Mediums and has been serving Spirit publicly for 33 years.
She is a Teacher and a Platform, Trance and Physical Medium, although she sees herself as mainly a Healer of souls.
The weekend workshops will be about connecting to your Guides and working in the best way that you can and in a manner that suits you. Each student is treated as an individual, as Melanie communicates with their Guides for instruction on how best to help with their spiritual and mediumistic development.
You will be encouraged to give good evidence of survival in a supportive and friendly way.
We will also have a gentle look at the deeper states of consciousness with Trance Mediumship.
This will be a very loving and kind weekend where a sense of humour will be a great asset, as will the ability to support one another along yet another part of the journey of life.
This weekend starts Friday night 18.30 with a Trance demo by Melanie in a loving and positive energy.
This evening will be open to additional guests.
Total cost for this event: 2500 SEK
Lovely vegetarian food, coffee and tea.
Demo Friday night.
Wednesday and Thursday November 8th and 9th you can book private sittings with Melanie at Yogaroom.
Please contact me, Maria Cruz:
Accommodation is not included and comes with an additional cost of 250 SEK a day.

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